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Feb. 10th, 2020

I don't post here anymore. Sorry. Checkout my tumblr instead, so you can see all the cool things I reblog: FREE_SPOONS!

Jun. 9th, 2010

Well spank my ass and call me Alice, I'm stealing memes from tumblr now
...and I'm cheating and doing all the answers now because I won't do 1 a day, I'll forget after about 3

Day 01 – Favorite Sport: Football. Don't care if its college, nfl or cfl. I'll watch it. (Although hockey is a close second)

Day 02 – Sports Moment You’ll Never Forget: When #40, Jeremy Navarre, put up his big ol' hand and blocked a FSU field goal to preserve MD's win. (#2? the best/worst weekend ever. MD's Gone in 60 Seconds game, followed by the next day Ravens Super Bowl win)

Day 03 – Athlete(s) You Dislike/Hate: Cindy.

Day 04 – Athlete You Wish Played For Your Favorite Sports Team: I wish LT from about 5 years ago was a Raven

Day 05 – Favorite Basketball Team: eh...Wizards? Terps?

Day 06 – Teams You Hate: Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, Indianapolis.

Day 07 – Your Best Sports Memory: My first Maryland football game. Terps beat Wake Forest for their homecoming, and then my parents letting me stay up late to watch the highlights on The Sports Machine

Day 08 – Favorite Hockey Team: C-A-P-S CAPS!CAPS!CAPS!

Day 09 – Olympic Sport You Love: Hockey and soccer

Day 10 – A Sport You Hate: Golf

Day 11 – Least Favorite Sports Moment: Gone in 60 seconds....(true story, my dad got physically sick after that game and went to the hospital)

Day 12 – Top Retired/Historical Athlete(s): Cal, Gretzky,Johnny U.

Day 13 – Sports Moment You Wish You Had Seen in Person: Boise State's statue of liberty play to win the fiesta bowl (followed by the running back proposing to his girlfriend, the head cheerleader)

Day 14 – Favorite Baseball Team: Nationals. Yes Orioles, I have betrayed you. And its not because you suck. Its because you suck and are making no moves to NOT suck.

Day 15 – Your Favorite Olympian: Baltimore's own Mr. Phelps.

Day 16 – Favorite Athlete when you were a child: Cal Ripkin Jr.

Day 17 – Favorite Football Team: RAVENS! (and terps!)

Day 18 – Top Sport Movie(s) Rudy and Miracle (any other answer is wrong, btw)

Day 19 – Favorite Athlete pre 1960s: Jack Johnson - color breaking boxer who also enjoyed bull fighting and pimping.(He also has a pet leopard)

Day 20 – Favorite Non Conventional “Sport” (i.e. kickball, tag, dodge ball, etc…): Biking? Tag?

Day 21 – Team You Want to See Win a Championship the Most: Caps. I'd say Ravens but the Caps have never won one, so I'd like to see them win one slightly more then the Ravens. (but they'll both win next year, so it's cool)

Day 22 – Sports item you wish you owned: The home run ball hit by Cal Jr at his 2131 game.

Day 23 – One Favorite Athlete for each of the major 4 Sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey)
Baseball - current? Uhh...Adam "I'm not Pacman!" Jones...nah, I'll go with Stephen Stasburg
Football: I'm wacko for Flacco
Basketball: ...Juan Dixon I guess
Hockey: OVI! OVI!

Day 24 – Favorite Athlete from a sport other than the major 4 sports: Clint Dempsey of the USMNST.

Day 25 – Athlete(s) You Wish You Could Meet: Nick Backstrom.

Day 26 – Athlete you wish you Had Seen Play: Johnny U and the Colts of old

Day 27 – Favorite Athlete from the 1970s: uhh...I'm suppose to have one?

Day 28 – Sports Memorabilia You Own (jerseys, posters, etc…) Crap load of jerseys (1980 CCCP olympic replica, 2 pink Caps jerseys and 1 red one (but none of those are Ovie's), a game worn O's jersey, a cuban WBC jersey, a Gilbert Arenas jersey, a Steve McNair Ravens jersey, 3 white Terps football jerseys, 2 red terp ones and my crown jewel; My authentic Len Bias maryland jersey.) plus a hockey puck from a caps game back in the 90s, a foul ball my dad caught for me at an Os game, ticket stubs from every terps bowl games since 2000, a shirt signed by ever terp football player from 2000-2004. And a couple of bobble heads. (2x Ovi, 1x Mike Green, 1x Brian Roberts, 1x Testudo)

Day 29 – Favorite Non Pro Athlete: Chris Turner, aka Sunshine.

Day 30 – Reason You Love Sports:It makes me happy when teams win. (It makes me very happy when MY teams win)


Why would a softball team that hadn't lost a game in 2.5 years and was winning 11-0 during the 2nd inning forfeit their game?

Because it wouldn't be a heart warming story otherwise


May. 21st, 2010

James and I at work now spend the days looking for comic books to buy....



Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!

Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

words do not describe how much i love fanfiction.
I'm sitting around my house doing bunker drills. Only made in under 60 seconds once, but I also have a crappy jacket

I hope we get our new gear before our test. My jacket won't zipper close and my pants have a hole in the crotch D:
I've been going crazy at Boarders lately. I got Soccernomics, Theodore Rex, a Eric Flint anthology, Wizards First Rule and some other book this 15 year old girl recommended to me. They've all been awesome so far
Barack Obama, I'm afraid I have to break up with you now...

"I like Michigan State here," Obama said, in picking the Spartans to get by the Terps in the second round. "Maryland's got a great player, but Michigan State's got a great coach, and I think that makes the difference."

Well fuck you, Obama. Sorry that the future Hall of Fame, 600+ win, national championship winning, national coach of the year isn't good enough for you.

Sports. Its srsbzns.


Stick this in your TI-83 graphic calculator as see what you get :D



What happens to a laser beam from Star Wars or Star Trek after is misses? Does it go on forever and ever until it finally hits something? Or does it eventually dissipate? C'oz if it goes on until it finally hits something, Rogue Squad has some spainin' to do in a few million years >:(




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